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DTIC Search: Full Access to over 4 Million documents AvailableLimited Available
Research in Progress: S&T Community On-going research Available Limited Available
R2 & P40s: DoD Budget Information Available Limited Available
DoDTechipedia   Available
DoDTechSpace   Available
Export Capabilities   Available
24/7 Connectivity to the DoD Community   Available
Free on-site and webinar training   Available
Document Submission   Available


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Access to DTIC's secure website, the R&E Gateway, is restricted to authorized military, civilian personnel and support contractors of the DoD or federal government with active CAC/PIV/ECA-issued credentials.
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    DTIC Search

    Collectively search over 4 million records including technical documents, reports, budget narratives and other data.

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    A collective S&T wiki enabling you to uncover the latest research updates, store and share your research data.

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    A virtual collaboration environment and planning tool to coordinate, discuss, consolidate and track project data.

  • Research in Progress

    Research in Progress

    Customize, generate and analyze reports of ongoing and completed DoD-funded research and engineering activities.