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8725 John J. Kingman Road

Fort Belvoir, Virginia  22060-6218
Phone: 1.800.CAL.DTIC  (800.225.3842)

DoD Information Analysis Centers (IAC)

IAC Program Office at DTIC
Defense Technical Information Center

ATTN: IAC Program Office (DTIC-I)
8725 John J. Kingman Road
Fort Belvoir, Virginia  22060-6218
Phone: 703.767.9170 
/ DSN 427.9170
FAX: 703.767.9119

CSIAC - Cyber Security and Information IAC
266 Genesee Street
Utica, New York 13502
Phone: 800.214.7921 

FAX: 315.732.3261

DSIAC - Defense Systems IAC
4695 Millennium Drive
Belcamp, Maryland 21017
Phone: 443.360.4600

FAX: 410.272.6763

HDIAC -  Homeland Defense and Security IAC
104 Union Valley Road
Oakridge, Tennessee  37830
Phone: 865.535.0088 

FAX: 865.481.0390

Technology Survey Group (TSG) 
7125 Thomas Edison Drive, Suite 202
Columbia, Maryland 21046

Field Representatives
8725 John J Kingman Road
Fort. Belvoir, Virginia 22060-6218

Visitor Information

DTIC is located in the Andrew T. McNamara Headquarters Complex (HQC), 8725 John J. Kingman Road, Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060

    • The HQC is a separate campus from the Fort Belvoir Army base. All visitors must use the HQC main gate (Gate 1) located on John J. Kingman Road.
    • Be prepared to show a government-issued picture I.D. The guards will direct you to the visitors parking lot. Please note that parking is not allowed in any numbered spaces (reserved).
    • All visitors must enter the HQC through the main lobby located in the center of the building, marked by the flagpoles. Upon entry into the building, check in at the guard station. Have your DTIC point of contact name and phone number available. You will either be met by your DTIC point of contact or directed to your meeting location.