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Defense Technical Information Center

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DTIC's Past and Future

Depicted below are some of the many products DTIC has developed over the years in order to leverage science and technology information to deliver advanced capabilities to the Warfighter.
Provides online research and reference services via an on-line computer network by librarians and reference service specialists. For more information, visit
Provides temporary use of a web-based software application for supporting collaborative research in the fields of science and technology research, the military, defense, engineering, social sciences, and information security. Provides online, system applications, for project management and collaborative research for more information, visit logo
Portal for companies, entrepreneurs, and research organizations to submit ideas and inventions to the Department of Defense for review. For more information, visit
Information for the Defense Community
Provides online research and reference services. For more information, visit
Defense Innovation Marketplace
Online searchable database featuring research and development of defense-related products. For more information, visit
Provides access to ready-made contract vehicles for scientific research. For more information, visit