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Defense Technical Information Center

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Policy Memoranda

The reasons for having a DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP), are the same today as those stated in the Secretary of Defense Memorandum and Directive [PDF], May 14, 1951, signed by George C. Marshall, Secretary of Defense, when he established the Armed Services Technical Information Agency (ASTIA), now the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC®).

"... the end product of all Department of Defense sponsored research and development -- i.e., the recorded conclusions -- costing vast sums of money and irreplaceable scientific effort, must be assembled, organized, preserved, and made available for future reference by those concerned with exploring and guarding the scientific frontiers of the Nation." (Report on the Armed Services Technical Information Agency, 30 June 1957)

Statutory/Regulatory Requirements

DoD Issuances

Policy Memoranda

Public Access

Federal agencies are implementing the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) memo "Increasing Access to the Results of Federally Funded Scientific Research, 22 February 2013 by issuing Public Access plans and other policies and guidance. The overarching goal of the public access initiative is to accelerate scientific breakthroughs and innovation, promote entrepreneurship, and enhance economic growth and job creation. For more information contact the DTIC Public Access team.