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Defense Technical Information Center

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Electronic Devices
  • What to Submit?

    DTIC only accepts the following security classifications:

    • Unclassified
    • Foreign Unclassified in Confidence
    • Foreign Restricted
    • Confidential
    • Secret

CAC/PIV/ECA users should submit electronically
(preferred method).

  • Submission Information Types

    • Technical Reports and Papers
    • Journal Articles and Conference Papers
    • Security Classification Guides
    • Unified Research and Engineering Data (URED)
    • DoD Information Analysis Center (IAC) Science and Technical Information
    • International Agreements Data (IADB)
    • DoD Grant Awards

Submission Guidelines

Distribution Statements
DoD Instruction (DoDI) 5230.24, Distribution Statements on Technical Documents, states "…that the controlling DoD office must mark all scientific and technical documents with a distribution statement." It was revised effective 28 April 2016 and modifies the procedures for the use of Distribution Statement F.

Distribution Statements and Reasons [PDF]
Subject Categories
DTIC has identified 25 broad subject fields and 251 groups to categorize the areas of scientific and technical interest. These fields and groups provide the structure for subject grouping of documents in DTIC’s Technical Reports, Research Summaries, and Independent Research & Development collections.

Fields and groups numerical codes may be used to locate relevant results in those databases.

Distribution Limitations
The information DTIC collects, stores and distributes carries security classifications up to the Secret level. The information should be marked by the controlling organization to show how it may be distributed. DTIC’s registration process and access to DTIC data differs for users based on the distribution limitations set by the controlling organizations.

Selection Content Criteria
DTIC selects documents that include, but are not limited to the the example listed in DoD Manual 3200.14, Principles and Operational Parameters of the DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program (STIP): General Processes. Exceptions may be made to items on these lists based on overall evaluation against the selection criteria and, if necessary, a review by committee.