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Defense Technical Information Center

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DTIC Search Icon DoD S&T Reports 
Search publicly available completed S&T reports.
PubDefense Icon PubDefense
Peer-reviewed scholarly publications that are the result of DoD and ODNI/IARPA-funded research.
DoD Grant Awards IconDoD Grant Awards
Descriptive abstracts of public, unclassified DoD-allocated grant awards and information.

DoD IAC IconDoD Information Analysis Centers
Technical data and analysis resource for the identification and utilization of existing S&T information.
Defense Innovation Marketplace IconDefense Innovation Marketplace
Connect industry and the DoD by providing a centralized resource for independent research and development activities.
Corportate Source IconCorporate Source Authority System 
Directory of organizations that have contributed information to any of DTIC's three major databases.

DTIC ThesaurusDTIC Thesaurus
Multi-disciplinary subject terms organized and linked to broader terms for ease of information search and retrieval.
A DoD-issued CAC, PIV card, or ECA is required to access these sites.
DTIC Search IconSearch Controlled DTIC Collections
Discover DoD research projects, documents, budget narratives and other data.
Submit Documents IconSubmit Documents
Information needed to submit or learn how to submit documents to DTIC
JDRE IconJournal of DoD Research & Engineering (JDR&E)
Peer-reviewed journal for controlled-unclassified and classified papers by DoD researchers, scientists and engineers.
DoDTechSpace IconDoDTechSpace
This site will be decommissioned in August 2021. More information to follow in mid-July 2020.
DoDTechipedia IconDoDTechipedia
A DoD's science and technology wiki. Create, share, and collaborate on documents and projects all in one place.
Budget IconResearch Budget and Project Information (RBPI)
RBPI incorporates multiple data sources that support the Presidential Budget (PB) submission (R2 and P40), Research Projects and Congressional Budget Marks.
smart tool iconSMARTools
SeMantic Analysis & Research Tools
Analyze or enrich content using a suite of
Semantic and Natural Language Processing (NLP) services.

See more access-controlled products and services through DTIC's R&E Gateway.