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Technical Reports (TRs)

Technical Reports are reports created and published to our collection by organizations funded by the Department of Defense to perform research in a variety of industries and disciplines. Technical Reports found on DTIC's public website will only include reports designated as unclassified and unlimited information. Unclassified unlimited and limited information is available through the R&E Gateway.

Search Technical Reports by using the search box at the top of every page. Here's an Example of a Citation available within the reports:

    • Accession Number:
    • Corporate Author :
      Report Date:
    • Report No:
    • Full Text Link:


Notice AD NUMBER begins with: AD0, ADA, ADB, ADP or ADC, followed by digits. The Corporate Source Authority System (CSAS) lists all organizations that have contributed information to any of DTIC's three major databases. Each organization is assigned a 6-digit Source Code used to search these databases for information authored or sponsored by the organization. Each Corporate Author record displays the root (highest) element of the organization, the parent (next higher) element of the organization, any sub-organizations or former names, and the organization's Source Code.

To index DTIC’s collection of unclassified and unlimited Technical Reports, point your crawler to the sitemap at https://apps.dtic.mil/sitemap.xml

For more information on research documents and to research access controlled documents please visit the R&E Gateway.