New DoD Policy

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New DoD policy aims to increase access to published DoD research, advancing innovation, citizen science and technology transfer. 

Submission of DoD-funded Research Increases Access to Peer-reviewed Scholarly Publications


DTIC Public Affairs Office – 2 February 2017

FORT BELVOIR, Va. – The Department of Defense is increasing public, industry and scientific community access to DoD-funded scientific and technical research published in peer-reviewed scholarly publications to maximize the value of defense research and engineering work. Sharing DoD-funded research results
increases industry innovation, citizen science and technology transfer, which aids the Department in providing technology solutions to our Warfighters.

New DoD policy, released in the Directive-type Memorandum 17-002, requires all publicly releasable scholarly publications in a peer reviewed journal, produced as a result of basic research conducted by DoD military personnel or civilian employees, be accessible after a 12-month embargo period.

The issuance went into effect January 10, 2017 and will be incorporated into DoD Instruction 3200.12 and Volume 1 of DoD Manual 3200.14. It applies to DoD intramural basic research programs funded by budget activity 1, “Basic Research,” of research, development, test and evaluation appropriations: RDT&E Army, RDT&E Navy, RDT&E Air Force, and RDT&E Defense-wide.

“We maximize our return on investments by sharing results with the whole DoD research and engineering community. Sharing saves time and eliminates unnecessary duplication of effort,” said Mary J. Miller, Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense, Research and Engineering. “DTIC is our community’s means of sharing the results of our work.”

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