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Senate Committee on Appropriations, Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, 2020 (Report 116-103) – Now available!


DTIC Public Affairs |
September 19, 2019

Fort Belvoir, VA – The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) announced today the availability of the Senate Committee on Appropriations, Department of Defense Appropriations Bill, 2020 (Report 116-103). For DTIC customers (authorized holders of DoD-issued CAC/PIV/ECA smartcard or certificate), the Reports are searchable and feature graphical representations of the data via DTIC’s new budget application, Research Budget and Project Information (RBPI). The general public can access the report, along with other DoD Congressional Budget Data Reports, on the DoD Congressional Budget Data website.

DTIC users can conveniently download the reports from RBPI’s main dashboard. The Explore feature of RBPI enables users to delve even deeper into the data by searching the Congressional Marks by Program Element, Budget Years, Agency, Report Types and Budget Activities. Through RBPI, users will be able to easily navigate the sizeable DoD budget data and better support its execution, reevaluate past and current trends, forecast and plan RDT&E investments; and pursue strategic partnerships with confidence.

DTIC’s mission is to “aggregate and fuse science and technology data to rapidly, accurately and reliably deliver the knowledge needed to develop the next generation of technologies to support our warfighters and help assure national security.” A DoD Field Activity, DTIC is under the leadership of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering USD(R&E).
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