02 - Agriculture

01 Agricultural
The application of chemistry to the production and use of crops and livestock; Chemurgy; Fertilizers; Feeds; Pesticide chemistry. For harmful effects of pesticides, See 24/05, Pesticides Pollution and Control. For uses of pesticides, See 02/04, Agronomy, Horticulture and Aquiculture. For food additives and preservatives, See 06/08, Food, Food Service and Nutrition.
02 Agricultural
Economic conditions such as markets, production control and subsidies affecting agriculture; Farm management, finance, labor; Land economics; Surpluses, policies and programs; Food imports, exports, consumption and utilization; Prices and price control; Agribusiness; Crop surveys.
03 Agricultural
Design of agricultural machinery, tools and structures; Soil conservation; Agricultural soil erosion and its prevention; Irrigation systems; Water conservation; Agriculture facilities, equipment and supplies. For food processing, See 06/08, Food, Food Service and Nutrition. For processing of natural and synthetic fibers, See 11/05, Textiles. For other types of soil erosion, See 08/03, Physical and Dynamic Oceanography, 08/07, Geology, Geochemistry and Mineralogy and 08/08, Hydrology, Limnology and Potamology.
04 Agronomy,
Horticulture and
Field crop production; Cultivation of vineyards, orchards and gardens; Nurseries; Greenhouses; Plan breeding and propagation; Hydroponics; Marine farming; Cultivation of fishes, shellfish and algae in natural and artificial water bodies; Use of pesticides for plants. For plant anatomy, genetics and physiology, See 06/03, Biology. For pesticide chemistry, See 02/01, Agricultural Chemistry. For harmful effects of herbicides, fungicides and pesticdes, See 24/05, Pesticides Pollution and Control. For food processing, See 06/08, Food, Food Service and Nutrition.
05 Animal Husbandry
and Veterinary Medicine
Production, care, testing and training of animals including birds; Animal pathology; Animal quarantine; Disease resistance, control and treatment; Use of pesticides for animals; Care and breeding of laboratory animals. For animal anatomy and physiology, See 06/04, Anatomy and Physiology. For harmful effects of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides and other toxic materials on animals, See 24/05, Pesticides Pollution and Control.
06 Forestry Development, management, and cultivation of forests; Silviculture; Diseases of trees; Forest fires and forest fire prevention. For products derived from forests, see 11/12, Wood, Paper and Related Forestry Products.