12 - Mathematical and Computer Sciences

01 Numerical Mathematics Numerical methods and procedures; Error analysis; Interval analysis; Matrix computations. For numerical applications as applied to Statistics, See 12/03, Statistics and Probability.
02 Theoretical Mathematics Includes topology, number theory, group theory, set theory and Boolean algebra.
03 Statistics and Probability Statistical, techniques and applications, probability and reliability theory, and probability equations; Monte Carlo method; Regression analysis; Stochastic process; Error estimation.
04 Operations Research Queueing theory; Mathematical programming; Game theory; Decision theory. Includes systems analysis. For applied techniques, see the Group where the application is treated. For computer systems analysis, See 12/05, Computer Programming and Software.
05 Computer Programming and Software Programming techniques; Software engineering; Firmware; Database management systems; Programming languages; Operating systems. For computer programs applied to a specific application, see also the field of application.
06 Computer Hardware Design and development of computers and peripheral equipment, including analog computers, digital computers, hybrid computers, minicomputers, microcomputers and supercomputers; Computer storage and memory devices; Computer architecture; Computer logic. For special purpose computers, such as fire control computers, see the field where the application is treated. For electronic components used in computer hardware, such as very large scale integrated (VLSI) circuits, See 09/01, Electrical and Electronic Equipment. For programmed computer chips, such as firmware, See 12/05, Computer Programming and Software.
07 Computer Systems Computer networks; Local area networks; Distributed data processing; Teleprocessing systems; Data communication systems; Time sharing; Real-time systems; Information systems; Process control systems. For computer systems applied to a specific application, see also the field of application.
08 Computer Systems Management and Standards Computer operations; Benchmarks; Computer system modeling; Computer security; Performance measurement and improvement.
09 Cybernetics Artificial intelligence; Robotics; Information theory and coding; Pattern recognition; Image processing. Includes control theory and feedback. See also 23/03, Bionics. For speech recognition and analysis, See 25/04, Voice Communications.