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22 - Space Technology

01 Astronautics Space missions, projects, logistics and exploration; Orbital rendezvous; Launching in space; Spacecraft operating problems; Space crews; Extravehicular activity.
02 Unmanned Spacecraft Design and construction of unmanned spacecraft including space probes, and space vehicles capable of atmospheric reentry; Satellites such as military, communication, scientific and reconnaissance satellites; Spacecraft instruments, gauges indicators and instrument systems of all spacecraft not designated as manned; Spacecraft damage assessment and vulnerability studies.
03 Spacecraft Trajectories and Reentry Determination, analysis and processing of spacecraft trajectory data; Orbital calculations; Flight path analysis; Controlled space flight; Controlled and uncontrolled reentry; Space mechanics. For guided missile reentry trajectories, See 16/02, Guided Missile Trajectories, Accuracy and Ballistics. For the guidance and navigation of spacecraft, See 17/07/04, Space Navigation and Guidance.
04 Ground Support Systems and Facilities for Space Vehicles Handling and launching including transportation, storage, preparation for launching and countdown; Launching equipment; Checkout equipment;Ground support equipment; Recovery support; Launch complexes; Research facilities; Test facilities; Spacecraft simulators and simulation. For launching of space vehicles in space, See 22/01, Astronautics.
05 Manned Spacecraft Design and construction of manned spacecraft and space stations; Spacecraft damage assessment and vulnerability studies Includes spacecraft instruments, gauges indicators and instrument systems. For aerospace craft, See 01/03/12, Research and Experimental Aircraft.