05 - Behavioral and Social Sciences

01 Administration and Management Management techniques; Planning; Budgeting; Public relations; Production planning; Organization coordination; Accounting; Cost control. Includes management information systems. For the administration and management of a specific subject area, see the group where the subject is treated. For example, use 15/05, Logistics, Military Facilities and Supplies for logistics management. See also, 12/04, Operations Research, 05/03, Economics and Cost Analysis and 12/05, Computer Programming and Software.
02 Information Science Information processing such as acquisitions, cataloging, classifying, indexing and abstracting; Storing, retrieving, and distributing recorded information in hardcopy, microform or electronic form; Information storage and retrieval systems; Documentation centers; Library and information networks. For bibliographies, symposia, conferences, handbooks, patents, specific subject matter involved, for example, use 13/10/01, Submarine Engineering for a bibliography on submarines. For printing techniques and equipment, See 14/05, Printing and Graphic Arts. See also, Field 12, Mathematical and Computer Science.
03 Economics and Cost Analysis Econometrics; Economic history; Economic theory; Banking and finance; International economic relations; Trade and Commerce. Includes cost effectiveness studies, cost- benefit analysis, tradeoff factors, market research and production forecasts. See also 02/02, Agricultural Economics. For budgeting and cost control, See 05/01, Administration and Management.
04 Government and Political Science Theory and practice of government; International relations; Political conditions. Includes treaties, arms control, and negotiations.
05 Sociology and Law Social relations; Sociometrics; Social concerns; Family life; Ethnology; Criminology; Demography; Military, civil and criminal law including codes, statutes and legal interpretations; Police methods; Riot control; Penalogy; Court administration.
06 Humanities and History Philosophy; Religion; Literature; Art; Music; Drama; Archaeology; Educational philosophy and methods; Educational organizations. For the training aspects of a subject, see the group where the subject is treated.
07 Linguistics Study of languages, including phonology, morphology, syntax and semantics; Mathematical linguistics; Machine translation.
08 Psychology Perception; Learning; Motivation; Behavior; Intelligence; Attitudes; Group dynamics; Experimental psychology, including animal studies; Physiological psychology; Developmental psychology; Social psychology; Clinical psychology; Educational psychology; Military psychology; Industrial psychology; Parapsychology. For psychiatry, See 06/05, Medicine and Medical Research. For psychological warfare, See 15/06, Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics.
09 Personnel Management and Labor Relations Recruitment, selection, utilization and evaluation of civilian and military personnel; Manpower studies; Industrial relations; Wages; Benefits; Housing; Work measurement; Labor unions; Arbitration and bargaining; Job analysis; Job benefits; Job satisfaction; Career guidance. Includes physical fitness standards and examinations. For Military force levels, See 15/01, Military Forces and Organizations.